Vibrating Panties belong in every Woman’s Panty Drawer

Vibrating panties belong in every woman’s wardrobe because they offer so much pleasure and excitement. Vibrating panties and remote control vibrating panties saw an upsurge in popularity after a recent movie, The Ugly Truth, hit the big screen starring Katherine Heigl.

So why should every woman own one of these panties? The first reason has to do with relationships with the man in her life. Most if not all couples enjoy a healthy sex life but like many things in life ones sex life can become routine if a couple doesn’t take care of it. Keeping the excitement may seem difficult but wearing a vibrating thong panty with remote control can recapture the excitement easily. The concept behind the vibrating panty is wearing it in public without anyone knowing you are wearing it. Wearing the panty at home is simply not the idea although it is certainly alright to do so. The idea is she puts it on under her skirt or pants and gives her lover the remote control to do with as he pleases and the fun is about to begin. In the movie, the star is wearing it to a restaurant and somehow a young boy gets the remote control not having any idea what or where the vibrator is located or even that there is a vibrator. While the boy fools with the remote control she is being vibrated in front of the men at the table and again they have no idea why she is writhing about in a state of arousal.

Get the idea? Simple to be sure and arousing as well. In your case, your lover has the controls and you have the vibrating panties, and an orgasm may be in your future. This is simply good, clean and naughty and perfect for couples who simply want to enjoy what life has to offer without hurting anyone and no one having any idea what they are doing. It can work at a club, dinner, parties you name it.

These vibrating panties come in remote control as well as wireless styles depending on what you want to pay. The remote control vibrating panties have a range within which they will work. Generally about twenty feet is the norm but check with the product to be sure. These are controlled by your lover without any wires or other attachments. The wireless styles are usually a bullet vibrator that is inside the panty touching your clitoris that is manually turned on by you with no remote control. Please be sure you are clear which you prefer as the remote control panties run about $60.00 to $100.00 and the wireless models range from $19.99 to $39.99. You are better off with the remote control models as they are going to offer you more options.

How to clean the vibrators?

First, you need to make sure that you have the right detergents that you will use when cleaning the sex toys. This means that you have to do your research online on the special detergents that you can use when cleaning the vibrators. With the information that you will get, you should be in a position to get the best that will enable you to clean your vibrator well.

You need to ensure that you use a gentle and fragrance-free soap or detergent avoid any kind of potential irritation when you will be using them. If the vibrator has a battery, then you should ensure that you do not submerge the battery into the detergent or water.

For glass, Pyrex, or the stainless steel toys (that don’t include any electrical components or batteries), you can boil them in hot water for a short time. Through this, you will always be sure that you clean them well after using. You must ensure that vibrators are 100 percent sanitized before reusing again. You need also to be careful in the place where you keep them since proper storage is highly important, for preserving their life longer at the same time giving you an easy time cleaning to avoid the issues of bacteria. You need also to ensure that your vibrators dry before using them to avoid infections.

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WowerShower Review

You must have gone through various sex toys, but WowerShower is the most innovative one of its kind that is currently hitting the market with some really good statistics. With a quite strange but delightful design, WowerShower can be called as the ultimate shower for the women. Giving you a pleasant time with some sizzling solo sex moments, WowerShower is the most brilliant sex toy introduced ever in the industry. It has a real dildo that promises a wonderful delicate experience. It has been skillfully designed such that it can be used as a normal showerhead for everyday use. It gets mixed with the background pretty easily because the design is not much noticeable too, so whenever you feel the need, you just have to turn it upside down and the handle would function as the dildo providing a soothing and lovely journey of pleasure.

The shaft is brilliantly curved that offers you such a joy that you have ever dreamt of. There is a powerful dido stimulation when WowerShower comes into play but if it is insufficient then you just need to twist the cap that would expose the clitoris jets. The showerhead nozzles divert the main water flow in a highly turbulent single water jet directly towards the clitoris jets and it would result in a mind blowing vaginal and clitoral stimulation that assures you of a joy that is out of this world. With some guaranteed results and attractive design, this pioneer sex toy has rocked the world and everyone is starting ordering it. It is made up of antibacterial material and unlike the other sex toys, WowerShower doesn’t need to be cleaned because it is having its self-cleansing environment that is operating the toy. These all advantages with some streaming joyous experience are packed in a single package that make it the perfect innovative dildo.

The Best Tips On How To Effectively Use A Rabbit Vibrator

A good percentage of women get full sexual satisfaction when they use vibrators compared to the actual intercourse with a man. The rabbit vibrator is one of the most adored sex toys by women across the globe. The following are some amazing ideas for using a rabbit vibrator:

Always use lubrication
Make sure that the shaft of the vibrator is well lubricated before you can start using it. It is advisable to use thicker lubricants because they can stay longer on the vibrator.

Try it on your outside body
Before getting into the real action with the vibrator it is important to try it on your outside body. This gives you the opportunity to test how effective the vibrator is and how it works. Simply Put on the vibrator pass it on your body and see how the body responds to the different sensations caused by the vibration effects.

Hold it firmly
The best way to enjoy the action is bay holding the vibrator firmly in your hand during the entire action process. Make sure that it sticks into your hand and that you do not lose the grip on it.

Take it bit by bit
If you want to get maximum satisfaction you can insert the shaft of the vibrator first and stimulate yourself by slowly moving the shaft in different directions. After being aroused then you can turn on the ration and proceed with the action.

Explore the whole vagina
To attain maximum pleasure and satisfaction you need to make different movements by simply moving the direction of your hand. Direct the vibrator to those areas which get aroused by stimulation and let the vibrator work the wonders.

Get the right size
You need to get the right vibrator size depending on the size of your vagina. If it is too wide then a bigger and thicker one will work perfectly.